Many times, the creative process for a visual artist is completely private, and the public doesn’t get their first glimpse until the artist decides to post their creation. Once that happens, the first instinct of the viewer is either “This is pretty” or “This is not pretty”. Many people are unaware of the vision the artist has, because it is usually only about the finished product. It’s not about the stress the artist goes under, the motivation, and most importantly the inspiration that led them to their final product. For true artists, no matter how we sell our art, it is never fully about the pricetag but more about the entire experience surrounded by our art. Every stroke of the paintbrush is fueled by something in us, and every unfinished painting tells a hidden story. For me, I don’t believe I would be able to push through those moments of doubt, exhaustion or overwhelming stress to get my lines perfect and eventually reach that moment where I can say that my painting is finished, without music.

This blog is meant to be somewhat of an e-therapy. Just like music is a therapy form for me and many other artists, I hope to bring that same form of therapy to you when you visit The Art Muse. The music that gets me through my hardest times may do the same for you, and if I can bring such gems to you, then I’ve done my part. Most of these posts will correlate with the assignment schedule for my HIST390: The Digital Past class.