4/13 | Mapping Your Soldier

What difficulties did you encounter in mapping your soldier’s life? How did you choose to solve those problems? What themes in your soldier’s life do the maps highlight / communicate? Do any of the maps raise questions about your soldier that require additional research?

The most difficult thing about mapping my soldier’s life was the fact that so much of their information was scattered. Although you do your best to create a timeline and an accurate picture of just how our soldier’s life played out, there’s information that just will never be accounted for, and those gaps can sometimes lead to guessing and the usage of context clues to ‘hope’ that you’re finding the right information. I would say that making sure I had accurate information proved to be the most difficult part for me, but it just required some digging. But, the mapping itself was not as hard. I think the the fact that the CartoDB mapping website caters to those who have never tried mapping out information and history before was very refreshing. I feel many times when I’m using new technology, especially technology centered around history, the creators of such technology forget that not everyone with a History or IT background will be using such materials. So although the site could be catered perfectly for someone who is well educated on the topics, it practically provides no help for someone like me. Luckily for me, I did not run into those same problems with CartoDB because the tutorial on the website and the instructions on our course site, The Digital Past, made everything seamless and a lot simpler.



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