4/11 | Digital Mapping

What new perspectives on the past does digital mapping provide? What questions does it raise? Which of the examples do you think is the most effective use of digital mapping? Why?

I find that one of the most interesting things to note about digital mapping in relation to the past is the idea that these people in the past actually had to find their way without the technology that we have. Just imagining how explorers found territories without fair warnings and routes is an interesting mental picture. I couldn’t imagine how many of us nowadays would be able to handle going to and from our daily errands and activities without our digital maps like MapQuest, Apple Maps, Waze, etc. Even now, we don’t even have to deal with calling for a taxi and hoping to not get some outrageous taxi company with jacked up fees. We have taxi services that cost much less money now at the convenience of an app. These apps are Uber and Lyft. We don’t have to do anything when we get in the car and deal with how our fare could jump due to traffic because it’s outlined for us before we even book the ride. These apps ask us where we’re going, what our pickup location will be, whether we would like a private car or to use a pool option (which lets you carpool with someone and save money) and even go as far as to get an accurate pricing, use promo codes to save money, and store your payment information for quick use.

Everything nowadays is done with the idea in mind that the faster we can get things done, the more likely we are to continue to use this product. The idea of digital mapping makes getting to our destinations a breeze, but we can also run the risk of dealing with outdated technology. And one thing that can really ruin a trip is mapping out a location just to get there and find out that what you were looking for closed down about a year ago, yet your Garmin hadn’t updated and now you’ve just wasted 45 minutes out of your day. But hey, i’m sure Sacajawea wouldn’t have minded a 45 minute detour in an air-conditioned Honda, so maybe we shouldn’t complain as much as we do too.


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