3/23 | Civil War Soldiers: Postwar Lives

Summarize what your spreadsheet of your soldier’s pension records tell us about his postwar life. How does he compare to the soldier’s discussed in the readings: Did he move around the country or change occupations? Did he marry, divorce, have children? How long did it take him to receive a pension? Did he suffer from injuries and illness? How old was he when he died?

Something very prominent in our soldier’s pension records was his wife, Ida Robinson. They lived in a neighborhood in Cattaraugus County, New York. The pension record indicated that his wife was trying to receive money as his widow, but she had to have sufficient evidence that she was his wife and was living with him up until his death. It seemed like a very strenuous process because she had to provide multiple documents and get witnesses, but I assume that this process was very necessary because of the fact that when soldier’s died, women would try to receive their benefits from the government. Ida even brought a next door neighbor to the pension office to verify that she is actually the widow of Milon and lived with him up until his death in New York. He also suffered from a leg injury and had a broken fibula. These injuries did not immediately kill him, but they may have been a factor in why his death occurred early in his life. That is not completely certain from the records in his file.


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