3/2 | Security, Sustainability & Preservation

 How secure are you online? How concerned are your privacy online? What digital media do you use and what do you back up, and to where?

I try to uphold a very secure presence online, which can be somewhat difficult if you use social media frequently because you don’t know which pages you should keep private and for how long (because some sites are not the same experience if your user profile is private). I find myself always wondering how much of what I post is accessible to everyone. I hear the horror stories of students who have been fired from jobs, suspended from schools, and even had their acceptance letters or scholarships taken away from them because of their social media accounts. That is why I try to keep all extreme obscene and profane postings off of my page. I refrain from falling into the trap of internet trolls and working myself up and saying things that I know I would regret. I don’t post controversial or racist opinions on social media, for one because I don’t normally think those things up, but also because I know it is very easy for people on social media to find those tweets and ring you over the coals for it. Even  if you are just responding to an image or video with your opinion, keep it as clean and free of prejudice or rude words as possible, as you never know who might be looking at your page and find those things offensive. And employers and schools do not want to be saddled with a student who has a high social media presence but for the wrong reasons.

I use a plethora of digital media. If I could put my daily uses into a pie chart, digital media would encompass roughly 65% of it. My favorite digital platforms for social media are Twitter and Instagram. I also use digital software like The Sims, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. for digital business. I use digital media sites like this one, Wix, Youtube. The best way for me to access all the digital media I use is through the applications on my phone. I have apps for all my social media, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, all of my Adobe Apps. I even have money management apps on my phone to track my spending. Digital media has become a huge part of my daily life, and that is why i always try to back up my apps to my iCloud, and back up anything else through my computer so that way none of my most important files will ever get lost if my phone randomly decides to reset itself. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen anytime soon. Or ever.


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