2/1 | Thinking Like A Historian

2/1 | To what extent do you think like a historian? What is most unfamiliar to you about how historians think?

I believe I think like a historian most when it comes to researching about Black and African history. Because those two topics are not explicitly discussed in schools unless you take specific classes for it, I love to research and learn more. Especially because there are so many documentaries that go in depth about the history of our people, their contributions to society, art, and the overall world and how it operates. I like to be well-versed on these topics because as a black person and black student, I feel like it is my duty to know the most about my history because people will not teach it to you if they do not have to. When I heard about the stories of Sara Baartman, the original Betty Boop, the history of Dominicans, Black Wall Street, and other monumental milestones in our history, I feel like it was sort of my duty to investigate further and dig into the pieces of history.


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