1/25  | How is the internet woven into your life – do you have a computer, cell phone, smart phone? When did you get them? Put yourself on the Pew WWW Timeline: starting with the date when you went online, which of the milestones have been part of your experience of the internet? Which have not?

I’m not sure how many ways the internet can be woven into one’s life, but if there was a scale from 1-10, I’d probably be at an 11. That sounds unhealthy when you first think about it, but my internet use is much more than social media. I have a laptop and a smart phone, but until a couple months ago, I just had a smart phone. I was still able to find research for my papers, practice graphic design techniques, and keep up with my art site’s sales just from my tiny iPhone. I use internet for almost anything, whether it be looking up facts, finding the best late-night breakfast spot with superb Chicken and Waffles, or to find those musical gems on Soundcloud that get me through my toughest days.

If I could pinpoint a date when I first started using the internet on a regular basis, I would say 2006. I don’t recall ever using the internet for much until I turned 11 years old and went to middle school. Once I was in middle school, we actually had keyboarding classes, and computer labs, so the use of the Internet became a daily thing. That was when I first started to use social media.

I would say one of the not so great milestones of my Internet life also came in middle school, and of course because of social media. In 2008, I was put in the middle of an all out girl cat-fight because of what someone I considered a friend decided to wish death and make threats about another one of my close friends. Being someone who doesn’t take those kind of threats lightly, of course I told my friend. I hadn’t anticipated her going to the principal and getting a plethora of other authorities involved. Of course it was easy to tell who had told her because the information was only told to me. That resulted in my first fist fight as a kid, which I feel was a little harsh but of course, we were middle schoolers who didn’t know how to handle our problems with anything else but violence.

That was probably the only time where I regretted ever getting involved with the internet. It’s actually been very beneficial for me and my art. I’ve met so many creative people and been connected with so many opportunities to network and get myself out there that I don’t think i’d delete myself from social media anytime soon. I believe my Internet milestone hasn’t come yet, but I definitely see it heading in that direction for 2016. I believe 2016 is 100% my year when it comes to growing my artistic brand and making an impact in the Internet world. Only time will truly tell, but I’m excited for the journey ahead.


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